Delicious Depth

2014 CrossHatch Depth, Santa Ynez Valley ~ Wine Review by Wines on the Range editor, Tony Marlow.

In the glass, this Santa Ynez Merlot/Cab Franc blend has a black center with pink edges and a translucent halo….

When I stick my nose in the glass, I get a sucker punch of blueberries with a fist-full of dried fruit and some dark chocolate covered strawberries ————> The nose on this lil number kinda reminds me of an Amarone with that dried fruit…. And I’m —–> INTO IT!

My first sip has a black cherry start that leads to dried raspberries and sweet oak…. The mid-palate is a lil dusty with more of the cocoa and blueberries that I got on the nose before bright cranberries give my tongue a pop…. The finish is silky-smooth with red fruit and a black pepper kick….

Hey guys, here’s another one from CrossHatch Winery out of Santa Ynez… You may be flashing back to an earlier review I put out on these guys and recall how hard I gushed over the wine…. Welllllllll ——-> they are 2 for 2 y’all!!!

2014 CrossHatch “Depth” Santa Ynez CA

Cross Examine Me, Anytime

2014 CrossHatch Shading, Santa Ynez Valley is selected as a TOP 5 Wine of 2018 by Wines on the Range editor, Tony Marlow.

CrossHatch Winery was created in 2011 by Ryan and Jessica Carr as a separate label to their Carr Winery. While the Carr label has always focused on single varietal wines, Ryan and Jessica started CrossHatch as an effort to think outside of the box a bit and create kick ass blends. While most winemakers ferment varietals individually before blending the wines, Ryan has gone all old-world on his CrossHatch wines as he co-ferments the different varietals in the same tank, at the same time; to make his blends………… Pretty freakin’ awesome!!!

In the glass, this Grenache/Syrah blend out of Santa Ynez is dark. The core is a blackish purple with a garnet halo……

On the nose I’m hit with blueberries, raspberries, and black pepper. A swirl in the glass and another sniff brings out a note of chocolate covered cherries that I loooove…..

When I give this thing a taste, the first thing I notice is the richness… The wine is silky on the palate and while it has a tight black cherry start, the mid-palate opens up with notes of soft blue fruit and cola ———–> The finish is lush with more of the raspberries and black pepper kick that I got on the nose……

Y’all, at this point – this little guy is a TOP 5 2018 wine for me…. They made like 150 cases of this one and somehow have it priced at $28 bucks a bottle which is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS…. Get on CrossHatch now! I don’t care what you pair with this stuff, just enjoy the hell out of it – I sure did…..

2014 CrossHatch Winery “Shading Rhône Blend” Santa Ynez CA

91 Points ~ 2014 CrossHatch Depth

Wine Enthusiast gives the 2014 CrossHatch Depth, Santa Ynez Valley 91 Points in the July 2018 issue.

“Though just 40% of the blend with the rest Merlot, the Cabernet Franc drives the sensory experience on this bottling, starting with the tart cranberry, thyme and green peppercorn on the fresh, zesty nose. The palate offers more peppercorn along with bay leaf and forest moss, set against a red-plum backdrop.” – Matt Kettmann


CrossHatch has a New Home

CrossHatch was born at Carr Winery in Santa Barbara, CA as a side project focusing on co-fermented wines. It has become so popular since its first 2011 vintage that we decided to branch out, and open the doors to our very own CrossHatch tasting room.

CrossHatch had a grand opening celebration on Labor Day weekend 2017 inside the Windmill in Solvang. We showcased our new wine releases featuring “Tone”, “Shape”, “Shading” and “Depth”. Customers enjoyed wine tasting paired with cheeses from Vinhus.


At CrossHatch Winery we specialize in co-fermentation. This is a less common blending technique and can be more complicated than the traditional ways of blending varietals. We start out by picking all of the fruit on the same day that is needed for the blend and then we crush the grapes together and ferment them together in one and a half ton open top fermenters. This way they start the fermentation process together blending juices and flavors together from the very beginning. This creates different flavor profiles than the traditionally blended wines and makes it harder to control. We love the outcome of co-fermentation so we are willing to take the risks. Co-fermenting wines together is sort of like cooking. If you take all your ingredients and cook them separately then add them together on the plate they will taste different than if you slow cook everything in one pot. All the flavors complement each other and change the final product. By doing this with the wines we are creating new flavor profiles that could not exist any other way.

Tara Jones: CrossHatch’s Creative Blends Please the Palate

“Bourbon and pickle juice, Champagne and fried chicken, peanut butter and bacon: sometimes it’s the odd things in life that go well together.  CrossHatch, is proof of that.

This low production label is blending incredible, unlikely varietals together that mimic the artistic technique of cross hatching, and it’s wooing all who taste it while keeping the most educated of tasters on their toes.

I tasted all five of the label’s blends, starting with Tone, the 79 percent sauvignon blanc and 21 percent chardonnay blend, which grabbed my attention right out of the gate with its incredibly bright mouthfeel and buttery smooth finish.

CrossHatchThen I tasted Shape, a non-traditional blending of 80 percent mourvèdre and 20 percent cabernet franc.

The sweet scent of strawberries and cream was followed by a deep, lush, hearty vibrant strawberry-tinged rosé that absolutely satisfies.

As I dove into the red Rhône- and Bordeaux-style blends, Shading andDepth, my expectations were low, figuring that their winemaker was beginning to get a little too far outside the lines.

I’m a big fan of Carr’s Cabernet Franc Reserve and have never felt it needed fixing, futzing or blending in any way. I stand corrected.

While I’m still a fan of the cab franc by itself, I must admit the berry notes on Shading, the grenache-syrah blend, practically jumped out of the glass with intense raspberry on the palate and a bit of spice on the nose.

Depth, the merlot-cab franc blend, is not to be missed either thanks to its earthy nose, similar to the Cab Franc Reserve, and a velvety smooth, lightly tannic finish.

Basically, Carr has taken the best parts of each varietal and mashed them into perfect blends the likes of which I hadn’t thought would ever work well together.

And while I’m sure it was no accident or experiment borne from sheer boredom (see peanut butter and bacon), CrossHatch’s latest prove that sometimes the best combinations in life are the stranger ones.”

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Cocktail Corner: New CrossHatch Label


Creativity can often come from shaking things up a bit, which is exactly what winemaker Ryan Carr has done with his new label, CrossHatch, a project focusing on co-fermented blends from Santa Barbara County vineyards. After making only single varietal wines for 11 years, Ryan wanted to try something different. He and his wife Jessica came up with the idea of CrossHatch, inspired by cross hatching, an artistic technique that uses closely spaced intersecting lines to create shading, definition, and form in a drawing.

Ryan adapted this technique to the winemaking process by harvesting multiple varietals on the same day then crushing and fermenting them together.

According to Carr Winery Marketing Manager Kayla Bonnin, “the idea of co-fermented wine is nothing new. Some of the best and oldest wines in the world are made this way, but with the microclimates of Santa Barbara it really adds another layer to the process. Co-fermentation brings out and creates flavors in the wine that would not have existed otherwise. This makes the CrossHatch wine truly one-of-a-kind.”

The labels are also quite unique, inspired by the antique winemaking equipment Ryan and his dad have collected over the years and created by local artist, Thomas Van Stein, who used the crosshatch technique to draw the crusher, corkscrew and basket press labels. Read more…