At CrossHatch Winery we specialize in co-fermentation. This is a less common blending technique and can be more complicated than the traditional ways of blending varietals. We start out by picking all of the fruit on the same day that is needed for the blend and then we crush the grapes together and ferment them together in one and a half ton open top fermenters. This way they start the fermentation process together blending juices and flavors together from the very beginning. This creates different flavor profiles than the traditionally blended wines and makes it harder to control. We love the outcome of co-fermentation so we are willing to take the risks. Co-fermenting wines together is sort of like cooking. If you take all your ingredients and cook them separately then add them together on the plate they will taste different than if you slow cook everything in one pot. All the flavors complement each other and change the final product. By doing this with the wines we are creating new flavor profiles that could not exist any other way.